Our story

Our team at CurvyBaddies started when we wanted to truly help women feel better in their own skin with ease. We heard about many stories of bad products and decided to do something about it ourselves! We tested out as many as we could to try them out. Many had the typical flaws: were uncomfortable, always rolling down, visible from the outside … but after months of work, we can happily say that we’ve found a perfect collection of products that truly enhance your lives.

We believe it's not about losing weight, getting fit, or getting "healthy" for anyone. It's about loving ourselves and our bodies again. We want to empower women to be their true selves and walk around full of confidence! The way you show your body, work your body and OWN your body is up to you and we want to help you do that. We invite you to choose among our fine selection of products to suit YOUR unique body.