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Every Day Bodysuit

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If between sizes, we recommend sizing up for the best fit.

SIZE BUST (inches) WAIST GIRTH (inches) HIP GIRTH (inches)
XS-S 32.5-37 25-29 34-39.5
M-L 37.5-42.5 29.5-35 40-44.5
XL-XXL 43-49 35.5-40.5 45-50
3XL-4XL 49.5-53.5 41-45 50.5-54
5XL 54-57.5 45.5-49 54.5-58

Feel and look amazing in seconds!

  • Eliminate muffin tops and love handles
  • 360  ° Tummy Control, boob control
  • Everyday wear without sacrificing comfort
  • Hygroscopic and breathable material

Why you'll love it

Boost Your Confidence

Our Baddie Shapewear will help you feel more confident of who you are, not because you need it, but because it makes you feel great!

Lose Inches Instantly

When wearing tight-fitting dresses that hug your body, shapewear will help you stop worrying about your tummy. It will gently create a slimmer waist.

Get Your Dream Body

Our body shapers helps you stay motivated and supports your weight-loss journey. It instantly creates a better-proportioned figure for you.

Dress To Impress

Times when you had to limit your wardrobe choice due to your figure are OVER! If you want to look your best and have everyone turning their heads, our shapewear will do wonders for you.

Helps With Postpartum or BBL

After giving birth or the surgery, the muscles may be sore, weakened, or overused. Shapewear can help you feel more supported throughout the day.


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Hassle-Free Returns

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Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Exceeded my expectations, light weight, great quality.

This shaper is excellent! The material is soft, light weight and very comfortable, while holding me "together" beyond my expectations. My problem areas are my lower stomach area AKA "mom pouch", as well as cellulite on my butt and outer thighs; all of which prevent me from wearing anything form fitting. This shaper took care of ALL of that. I was also impressed that the "shorts" did not roll up and did not create any type of crease in my legs, so it was not visible through my dress. If you need a significant amount of support for your waist or mid back, this shaper may not suit your needs, as it doesn't offer as much support in those particular areas. For me, it provided smoothing, control and a natural shape in areas I needed most! Highly recommend, and would gladly purchase again. There is one picture of me in the, and three pictures of the shaper at work under different dresses.

Comfortable for all day wear

I wear a size 14. I bought a 1X shaper. It felt great. Really comfortable through out the day. Going to the ladies room was so easy. No one knew I was wearing it. It does not roll. It's true to fit. Will be buying more. 1

Gina D
Buy it!

I loved how this helped shape me and smoother me out. I would totally recommend! Has adjustable straps as well and gives a little push up in the bust. My new go to!

Fantastic, but consider sizing down!

I am 5’6 almost 5’7, I weigh between 138-142lbs and I am NOT athletic (so the weight is fat, not muscle). I have a short torso and long legs and I hold almost all the fat in my stomach and love handles.

I really like this shapewear piece!! I got a medium though, and I should have gotten a small. The medium is still great, but it was a little too easy to pull up if you know what I mean. I want it holding me in TIGHT and I want to struggle a little to get it on. Still—I wore black leggings and a black tank top and it smoothed me out a ton. I wouldn’t say it made me look thinner, but there were no rolls or bulges. Same body width, just smooth and not jiggling, more athletic looking body.

The shapewear stayed in place, the fabric didn’t roll anywhere, and you can pull the crotch open if you have to pee (so important). It was also extremely comfortable (but that is partially bc I had a bigger size) Maybe order two sizes and plan to return the one you don’t want!

Fatima Hernandez
Love it!!! Buy it!!! Worth it!!!

I love this product I usually wear a size XL my height is 5’6 and I weigh 230 lbs. some may be hesitant but let me tell you so was I and after purchasing I recommend it to all my sister-in-laws and sisters! I ordered a size L and it fit great now I’m waiting for a size medium I just gave birth a month ago I’m a mom of 3 now and I wanted something that would get my tummy tight again and not make me feel like I can’t breath and this item does just that you can move around bend and you can’t even tell you have it on under clothes doesn’t show through jeans or leggings I have thick thighs and not tight in that area I have love handles and it hides that too! I actually have extra skin from my second pregnancy and still have it after my 3rd but this shaper helps me with all my insecurity recommend 100%