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Postpartum Waist Trainer

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If between sizes, we recommend sizing up for the best fit.

WAIST GIRTH (inches)
XS 24-25.9
S 25.9-27.9
M 27.9-29.9
L 29.9-31.8
XL 31.8-33.8
XXL 33.8-35.8
3XL 35.8-37.7
4XL 37.7-39.7
5XL 39.7-41.7
6XL 41.7-43.7

Achieve your ideal silhouette!

  • Slim your waist by wearing it only 15 minutes daily!
  • Eliminate muffin tops and love handles
  • Back and Boob Support
  • Postpartum support

    Why you'll love it

    Boost Your Confidence

    Our Baddie Shapewear will help you feel more confident of who you are, not because you need it, but because it makes you feel great!

    Lose Inches Instantly

    When wearing tight-fitting dresses that hug your body, shapewear will help you stop worrying about your tummy. It will gently create a slimmer waist.

    Get Your Dream Body

    Our body shapers helps you stay motivated and supports your weight-loss journey. It instantly creates a better-proportioned figure for you.

    Dress To Impress

    Times when you had to limit your wardrobe choice due to your figure are OVER! If you want to look your best and have everyone turning their heads, our shapewear will do wonders for you.

    Helps With Postpartum or BBL

    After giving birth or the surgery, the muscles may be sore, weakened, or overused. Shapewear can help you feel more supported throughout the day.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 98 reviews
    Super adjustable to your size

    Uhm guys, I’m a plus sized girl and am always looking for something that’s really going to shape and hold it tight and let me tell you... this is amazing. It’s totally adjustable to your shape and really smoothes everything out. Love it.
    The only “negative” is that I should’ve bought it a size bigger. I’m a size 20 and carry most of my weight in my belly. I ordered the xl because sometimes the 1xl is just a little too lose and doesn’t actually do what I want it to do. But that’s my error and not the product.
    It really smoothed out my rolls and I’m looking forward to training my waist

    This feels amazing! Made with high quality products and seems like ...

    Wow! This feels amazing! Made with high quality products and seems like it's built to last! The item shipped fast, too! I love this company and their products!

    aliciah souza
    love it it fits and works very well

    I use it dailey and it is working well to trim my tummy and help me trim my waist... must try this product

    Great quality

    This is my 3rd shaper from them love them. Great quality.  

    Great for the price!

    This waist cincher works great. It’s comfortable and fits almost exactly. I’m petite and think the straps should be a little more adjustable. I’ve recommended this to the company.